2 Wine of the Month: 2019 Malbec Rosé - Mount Ida Reserve

For the month of May, in celebration of all things Spring and Mother’s Day, we are featuring our 2019 Malbec Rosé! Our newest rosé release, this ruby beauty has quickly become our most popular rosé at the Tasting Room. 100% Malbec, this wine was made using the Maceration Method, leaving the juice on the fruit skins for about 36 hours; giving us a robust deep pink color and rich complex flavors.

Malbec Rose


Malbec, as most people are most familiar with, is traditionally used to produce rich, tannic, and spicy red wines. This thin skinned grape came to fame as one of the original “Big Five” Bordeaux wine grape varietals. Originating in the southwest region of France, Malbec was known by the names “Noir de Pressac” and “Cot” and was most often used in blends since it had a tendency to produce somewhat diluted juice. In the 1850’s Michel Pouget brought the Malbec grape to Argentina. Thriving in the hot, humid climate of the Argentinian summer which allowed the grapes to achieve their full ripeness, Malbec began being used to produce single varietal wine and quickly became the premier grape of the country.


When used to produce a rosé wine, Malbec provides a unique color and aroma. The juice of the grape resembles bright pink bubblegum and is highly fruit-drive with bright aromas of raspberries, violets, and watermelon. It is gorgeously hued with a vibrant pink color that can range from pale blush to dark magenta. Our 100% Malbec rosé holds true to its name with a bright berry nose and complex melon flavors as it warms in the glass. You’ll want to be sure to stock up on this one, this varietal is a one time production for us; we yielded 100 cases, and 2019 is the only vintage we have made. Take advantage of our Wine of the Month case discount and put up this beauty to enjoy for seasons to come…by virtue of being a Malbec, it will age wonderfully!