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Our brewery team has the unique advantage of customizing our ingredients and our process. We are hands on from the very beginning of the operation when we plant our barley on the reserve. We showcase and take pride in the land that we call home and are truly a farm-to-pint Charlottsville brewery.

Our grains are malted locally by Murphy and Rude.

With the this kind of control over the process we are able to experiment and get creative with our craft beer.

Our flagship beer is our Feisty Bull Oktoberfest named for the black angus cattle that reside on the reserve’s 5,000 acres.


on draft

Leipziger | Gose | 4.1% ABV | Sour + crisp; coriander

1964 | American Lager | 5.3% ABV | Light, crisp, refreshing

Feisty Bull | Oktoberfest | 5.8% ABV  | Round with a crisp finish; caramel + toasted nuts

 Diablo  | Dopplebock | 8% ABV   | Toffee + caramel + dark fruit, smooth + crisp

Cold  | IPA | 7.5% ABV  | Pine + citrus; dry + bitter

 Lunar Eclipse  IPA | 7.4% ABV  | Tropical + dry; firm bitterness

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