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Frost Moon Bavarian Wheat | 4.1% ABV / 6 IBU

 Frost Moon is a traditional Hefeweizen with subtle hints of banana, clove, and allspice. 100% of the barley in this brew was grown here at Mount Ida and custom kilned locally by Murphy & Rude Malting Co.

Feisty Bull | Oktoberfest Lager | 6% ABV  14 IBU

Malty and smooth, our Festbier is brewed in a traditional Märzen style to represent the ending of harvest. Celebrating our first beer at Mount Ida Reserve

Kveik Comet | Pale Ale | 5.1% ABV  34  IBU

This unusual fruity & floral pale ale was fermented with genetically unique Norwegian farmhouse yeast. Refreshing and complex with hints of lemongrass and subtle spiciness. Brewed with Violetta barley grown here on Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard and malted to perfection by our friends at Murphy & Rude Malting Co.

Wicked Cool Southie Stout | Dry-Irish Stout | 3.5% ABV  40 IBU

Dark and deceivingly drinkable, our dry-Irish Stout has a gentle roasted barley flavor, and is balanced with tangy acidity. 100% of the malt was grown here at Mount Ida Reserve. Both the malted and roasted barley was custom produced by our friends at Murphy & Rude Malting Co.

Full Moon PilsLight Hopped Lager | 5% ABV / 28 IBU

Crisp, clean, and light, the Full Moon Pils is brewed with Germ an malt and Slovenian hops. An easy drinking lager for stargazing fireside. 

 SuperMoon IPA  India Pale Ale | 7.8% ABV  /  45 IBU

 Hop forward with heavy floral notes, the Supermoon IPA is a full-bodied ale to satisfy all you hop-heads! Brewed with Virginia-grown and roasted specialty malt from our friends at Murphy & Rude Malting Co.  

 Dark Moon  | Dunkle Lager | 5.3% ABV  /  18 IBU

A traditional dark Munich Lager, Dark Moon is malty, deceivingly crisp and drinkable. Smooth & rich with notes of caramel and nutmeg,   

Old Ironsides | New Endland IPA | 6.6% ABV  /  32 IBU 

Hazy, floral, and juicy with tropical fruits, this IPA is brewed with Mount Ida-grown barley and roasted specialty malt from our friends at Murphy & Rude Malting Co.  

Diablo | Dopplebock | 8% ABV  /  18 IBU 

This traditional Bavarian winter bock is malt forward with notes of caramel, brown sugar, and dark fruit. Slightly spicy & woody with gentle alcohol warming that is perfect for a cold winter night by the fire.

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