2 Wine of the Month: 2018 Stargazer's Sparkling Rosé - Mount Ida Reserve

For the month of February (and in honor of Valentine’s Day!) we will be featuring our 2018 Stargazer’s Sparkling Rosé! There is no limit to what you could drink for Valentine’s Day. But if you are looking for romance, rosé Champagne or sparkling is the ultimate winner. Over the past decade, rosé has grown from approximately 7% to 16% of the Champagne/sparkling sold in the United States. To put it simply, pink bubbles are very in.

2018 Stargazer Sparkling Rosé

While sparkling and Champagne rosé has markedly grown in popularity over recent years, the history of this delectable wine dates back over two and a half centuries! Widely believed to have been brought into production by the commonly known label Veuve Cliquot in 1775, the first record of rosé Champagne production actually credits the Champagne house Ruinart with the first bottles in 1764. As with many wonderful creations in food and drink, the first rosé is believed to have been created by accident; juice left to macerate on the skins a little too long, producing a pale pink Champagne instead of the traditional white.


Today, most rosés are made not through the process of maceration, but by blending red and white wines together; a method that can be, without a doubt, credited to the matriarch of Veuve Cliquot. After creating the desired blend of grapes, the juice is then put through a process of secondary fermentation where the bubbles in the Champagne are created.


Our 2018 Stargazer’s Sparkling Rosé was made in the now traditional method, first used by Madame Cliquot. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Cinsault, Merlot, and Malbec; with first fermentation in Neutral French oak before undergoing its second fermentation for that delicious sparkle. Our Stargazer’s label was created to capture the beauty and romance of the night sky, as seen with the wide open views from our Tasting Room. With bright and vibrant notes of red berries, and a soft floral nose, this dry sparkling rosé will pair perfectly with both light and rich flavors, savory and sweet dishes alike. A perfect companion to your Valentine’s Day dinners at home, especially your Valentine’s Date Night Bags from the Tasting Room!


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