2 Wine of the Month: 2018 Bell Mount Rosé - Mount Ida Reserve

August brings us those hot, humid, dog days of summer; the end of summer vacations and getting ready to go back to school. What better way to fight the heat and end of summer blues than with a bottle of crisp, cold, rosé? In the interest of keeping you all cool and refreshed, we will be featuring our 2018 Bell Mount Rosé for our August Wine of the Month!

Bell Mount Rose

2018 was a record breaking year of rain in Virginia…which presented a challenge to vineyards and winemakers in the Commonwealth. Grapes, and red fruit in particular, need hot dry weather for their flavors to concentrate and intensify into what vintners need to produce a quality white or red wine (especially single varietals). Because we saw the start of that intense rainy season in June, the delluge prevented pollination which reduced the amount of overall crop yield. Then with the continued rainfall throughout the summer and into September harvest season, grapes struggled to ripen to their full potential. Rather than giving up, winemakers in the Commonwealth chose to make lemonade from lemons; or in this case, rosé! The less concentrated fruit presented a perfect opportunity to make a variety of pink wines; making 2018 the “Year of Rosé” in Virginia.

Bell Mount Rose

Our 2018 Bell Mount Rosé is made in the Provençal-style; pale pink wines that are dry and minerally with a delicate fruity palate. Comprised of a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Cinsault, Merlot, and Malbec each grape provides a unique flavor component to the final blend. Perfect for these warm weather months, with notes of red berries, tart rhubarb, and wild flowers. Brightly acidic with the typical minerality you expect from a Provençal-style rosé. A perfect pairing with most any food, we recommend this pink beauty with your backyard summer BBQs and fried chicken feasts. With less than 50 cases remaining, you’ll want to be sure to take advantage of our Wine of the Month case discount!


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