2 Viognier & Moonlight White Blend Bottling - Mount Ida Reserve

This week was our first bottling of the new year! While our 2017 reds will continue to age in barrels, our brighter white wines are nearing completion in their aging process. To kick off 2018, we have started with our Viognier and our Moonlight White Blend.

2017 was an interesting year for Viognier grapes. The extreme changes in day-time and night-time temperatures (diurnal shifts) produced very floral grapes with a higher level of acidity. This balance of acid and floral sweetness (brix) produces a very balanced wine with flavors of dried apricots, white flowers, and tangerine.

Our last vintage of the Moonlight White was slightly sweet, whereas the 2017 Moonlight White is drier. Chardonnay, Viognier, Petit Menseng, and Traminette make up the Moonlight White blend, and each varietal gives different input to the wine. 2017 Moonlight White is very fruit forward with notes of many tropical fruits (papaya, mango, and melons) which gives a perceived sweetness with little to no residual sugar.

After re-tasting each wine for verification, the tank of wine is connected to the bottling line equipment. Empty bottles are dumped onto the initial conveyor belt and are transported down the line to be filled. Once each bottle has been filled appropriately, they are then pressurized and corked to diminish contact with oxygen. Bottles will be labelled and re-packaged to be sent to our tasting room for the finishing touch!

Want a sneak peek of our 2017 Viognier? Ask us about our first Spring Bounty Wine dinner!