2 NEW RELEASE: Petit Manseng - Mount Ida Reserve
We are excited to announce the release of our 2018 Petit Manseng! Now available by the glass or bottle.
Petit Manseng- Mount Ida Reserve

Originating from Basque in southwest France, Petit Manseng has historically been vinified into sweet white wines as a digestif or to pair with dessert. Typically similar sweet wines in France are made with Botrytis cinerea, a Noble Rot that essentially reduces the grapes down while still on the vine. Noble Rot essentially dehydrates grapes and concentrates the sugars and flavors of grapes, creating a waxy and rich profile to the finished wine. Petit Manseng is known for its thick-skinned grapes that Noble Rot cannot penetrate, and creates its sweet and rich flavor with a natural process of desiccation, known as passerillage.

In the United States, and Virginia specifically, Petit Manseng is often made into a dry white varietal. Common flavors found in this wine are often tropical in nature, with key stonefruit qualities as well.
Our 2018 Petit Manseng was fermented and aged in 100% neutral French oak barrels. Creamy in texture with a bitter finish, our single-varietal Petit Manseng shows off flavors of papaya, pineapple, and dried apricot. We suggest enjoying this wine with honey-roasted pecans, butter-poached swordfish, or cheesecake!