2 Día de los Muertos - Mount Ida Reserve

Wine and beer have had a long history with All Hallows Eve and Dia de Los Muertos. The tradition has long been celebrated to respect those who have passed. Oferendas are used to display and honor loved ones gone, often with the individuals’ favorite food and drink. Prior to Spanish colonization, the celebration occurred in early summer, but after was transitioned to fall in line with All Hallows Eve and All Saints day between October 31-November 2nd. Candy, sugar skulls, wine, beer, flowers, and other treats are used to celebrate this time. You can find a variety of wines that specifically are used for Dia de Los Muertos depicted with sugar skulls and classic artwork.

As you enjoy this weekend in celebrating the spirits, try out some of our favorite pairings from Mount Ida:
-M&Ms: 1795 Port-style & Mount Ida Pils
Our 1795 is made of 95% Tannat and 5% neutral brandy, and with the chocolate of the M&M’s takes on a robust pomegranate and raspberry flavor profile. Light and crisp, the Feisty Bull has a clean palate to highlight the chocolate, with enough bitter finish to balance it out.
-Skittles: Over the Moon Sparkling & First Edition Märzen
Over the Moon is a dry and creamy sparkling wine that pairs beautifully with the variety of flavors in a skittles pack! Likewise, the First Edition has caramel and rich toast tones to counterbalance the vibrant fruits.
-Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: Cabernet Sauvignon & Fiesty Bull Festbier
Our Cabernet Sauvignon shows off characteristics of wood smoke and cedar with an earthiness that compliments the peanut butter. Conversely, the Fiesty bull’s crisp palate and bitter finish cut down the sweetness from these cups.
-Sugar Skulls: Viognier and Madison Imperial Stout
Bright with minerality, our Viognier counters the sweetness of sugar skulls, while the Madiston Imperial stout highlights them with its dark chocolate bitterness.