2 Brewing Up a Dream - Mount Ida Reserve

Opening a tasting room has been a goal and plan of ours for years.  Projects like this don’t happen overnight.  They start with an idea.  That idea sparks a dream.  That dream, mixed with a little determination, turns into a plan.  Now, here we are with our vineyards planted, blueprints drawn, construction in progress, wine made, and we can finally see our dreams turning into reality.

Do you know the best part about dreams? They can change and grow along the way.  At some point in the process, we had a crazy thought.  “What about beer?” Adding a brewery to the tasting room would be no small task, we knew that.  But you know what? We wanted it, so we just adjusted blueprints and started the search for a brewmaster.

We are SO excited about the wine and beer combination.  Offering both will help us offer an even more unique experience at Mount Ida Reserve.  Great wine, craft beer, yummy food, stunning views, and amazing company.  What more could you ask for?

Here are some photos of the progress of building the brewery over the past few weeks.  It will be located in the building, just behind the main bar.